16th October, 2014

5 Very Fun Team Building Activities.

5 fun teambuilding activities

Before I start, I recommend that during ice breaker sessions and team building events, that everyone wears a name tag.  This is because when you first meet someone you can easily forget their name, which can lead to some awkwardness.  But a name tag will stop this and should the name learning process.

Here are some of the best team building activities.

1 – Two Truths and a Lie.

Firstly you should arrange yourselves in a circle.  Each person should stand, one by one, and tell the group 3 statements about themselves (1 of which will be a lie).  Once each person in the circle has said their 3 statements everyone will stand up and as quick as they can speak to every person individually to work out which one was the lie.   Depending on the group size, you may need to be reminded of the 3 statements before you question the person.  (Time to go all detective on them, interrogate, then move on)  Allow 10-20 minutes for this (depending on group size)

Once everyone has spoken and decided which was the lie, you sit back in the circle and again one by one stand and say the 3 statements.  The rest of the circle will raise their hand to vote for the statement they believe is a lie.  You get a point for each correct vote.  Whoever has the most points wins.

Team building event

2- The Egg Drop

The egg drop is a great team building event!  It creates suspense and excitement.  Firstly split up the group into teams of 3-4 people.  Each group will be given 4 straws, 5 sheets of A4 paper, 1 balloon 4 elastic bands and an egg.   I find this game works best under pressure, so tell them, “The aim of this exercise is to protect your egg.  You will drop your egg from the stairwell, 3 floors up.  You can only use the materials you have in front of you to protect your egg.  You have 20 minutes to prepare. Good Luck!”   Watch how the teams get to action straight away!  If multiple teams manage to protect their egg, move up a story until you have a winning team.


Egg drop team building activity corporate team events

3- The Helium Stick

This activity require the group to split into two half.  Each half lined up facing each other.  The ‘Helium’ stick (which is a long piece of bamboo) is placed on everyone’s index fingers (as shown below).  The aim of the game is to lower the stick to the floor.  But until the everyone works together, you will find the stick wont lower and will almost float upwards.  This will results in 10 minutes of laughter and will ensure the team can work together.  With little time or aparatus needed, this game could even be done in a coffee break.

team building game helium stick

4- The String Circle

This activity will highlight great communicators.  Everyone needs to stand in a circle and hold on to a piece of string which is tied at both ends to form a circle.  The group will need to make certain shapes with the string.  So you can shout out “Square!”, the group then has to form a square with the string.  (everyone must hold onto the string at all times.)  You can shout circle, rectangle, figure of 8 etc.  If the group finds this easy, then you can suggest playing again but with their eyes closed.

team building game string circle

5 – Salt and Pepper.

As a facilitator it’s your job to come up with words that come in pairs, like salt and pepper.  (left and right, up and down, mac and pc, snow white and 7 dwarfs.)  You need to come up with enough words for each person.  So if there is a group of 10 people you need to come up with 5 pairs (10 words in total).  Write down all the words and tape one to each persons back.

The aim of the game is to speak to everyone in the room asking yes or no questions to find out what word you have on your back.  Once you know what you have on your back, you need to find your opposite.  The first 2 to find their opposites are the winners.


team building game corporate evening entertainment

Thanks for reading, we wish you all the best with your organisation.

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