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16th October, 2014

5 Very Fun Team Building Activities.

Before I start, I recommend that during ice breaker sessions and team building events, that everyone wears a name tag.  This is because when you first meet someone you can easily forget their name, which can lead to some awkwardness.… Read More »

22nd April, 2013

Benefits of Outdoor Activities

It is advised that adults should exercise thirty minutes a day; children on the other hand, should aim to engage in physical activity for about an hour everyday.  However, less than half of us achieve these recommended goals.  We should try and increase our… Read More »

9th April, 2013

Best Destinations In The World For A Family Holiday

Disneyland is not the only destination of a family trip with kids. Here are some suggestions for a trip you and your brood will never forget. Christmas in Santa’s home in Lapland Located far above the Arctic Circle, Finnish Lapland… Read More »