Haunted House Description

For over a hundred years, rumours of hauntings have plagued this ominous, uninhabited castle. Screams can often be heard from outside and sometimes a strange, cold mist seems to bleed through the walls. It is a disturbing chill that seeps to your very bones.

Many years ago, the beautiful woman who once owned the castle died suddenly and without explanation. Some people said it was murder, yet others were convinced she ended her own life.

It is said that a single room bears evidence to what really happened over a century ago. There have been a few brave souls who have entered, determined to unearth the truth.

Join us on a paranormal journey into the unknown… do you have the nerve to Spend a night in this Haunted House?

There’s only one way to find out….  www.TheHauntedHouse.co.uk/


The visit to this haunted house can be an extremely frightening experience and as such individuals with a heart condition or ladies who are pregnant are advised not to book! If the experience does become too frightening there is often a member of the event staff on hand to provide an escort back to the main hall.