Race Night Description

We bring all the excitement of a “Day at the Races” to your venue! This event is staffed by a professional compere and tote staff. We use a large screen video projection system and high quality pa with horse racing video footage from various courses in the country including both jump and flat races.

Teams are each issued with funny money and race cards. The race cards contain instructions but the compere will also verbally explain the format to the guests. Once the formalities are over and the form guide perused, the odds are announced and the bets are placed at the tote booths.

When the race finishes the winners will go to the tote booths and collect their winnings. A typical Corporate Race Night has four to eight races and lasts for around 2 hours. At the end of the event the team will the most fun money are the winners, prizes are awarded to the top scoring teams- with the losers getting the wooden spoons!

PA system i.e. Microphones & Speaker
Host & Assistants
Tote booths
Pre recorded races
Projector & Display stand 6ft x 6ft screen size
Bookies, Play money & Betting slips etc
Themed Graphics
Bottle of Champagne for winner (additional prizes can be arranged)