Team Building - Bristol

Bristol is a city that offers an extensive range of attractions including museums, galleries, shopping centres and restaurants.

An exciting and diverse city, Bristol is also a fantastic place to host team building activities due to the city being well-connected, easy to navigate and blessed with iconic venues suited to both indoor and outdoor activities.

The Bank job is a fun team building activity that encourages team communication, enforces participants to be decisive and helps develop time management skills.  The activity involves separate teams working together to catch the culprits of a bank robbery in London.  Delegates have to co-operate with one another in order to solve the crime.   The Bank Job is one of our more popular team building activities in Bristol and is often used for large corporate events.

Family Fortunes is a fantastic activity that we can set up anywhere in Bristol; from in your very own office to a hotel venue.  This comical team building activity mimics the infamous TV show.  You decided whether to create your own questions or if you’re feeling brave, you can use the questions that we provide.  For every answer that matches our survey, points will be issued depending on how popular the answer is.  The winning team will be the team with the most points and a member will be nominated from the team to play the final round.  Family Fortunes provides endless fun and is the perfect ice breaker for a work group.  The team building activity also encourages co-operation and brings out the competitive side in individuals.

Forest Challenge is a brilliant outdoor activity for those who love a challenge.  The scenario-based game involves teams working together to solve puzzles and complete physical challenges within a set time.  Bristol has a number of ideal outdoor spaces for Forest Challenge to take place.  This particular team building activity enhances co-operation, determination and motivation.

Bristol is a popular choice for corporate groups to host team building activities.