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Team Building in London Blue ocean Team events

London is a thriving business area which makes it an ideal location to host corporate events.  Team building activities are extremely beneficial in helping to develop the growth of individuals and we have a wide selection of team building activities available in London.

El Dorado is a popular team building activity for businesses as it can be used either at the start or end of a course.  By using El Dorado at the start of a course it pinpoints the need for teamwork amongst the group; if El Dorado is used at the end of a course then individuals can put their newly found team skills in to practice! This tactical team building activity encourages team work and efficiency, plus it supplies a bit of an adrenaline fix!

Our Murder Mystery Evenings provide endless fun.  The scene is set by our professional actors who will have your mind boggling over which characters were involved in a gruesome crime!  Participants of this intriguing activity will be considered as suspects but the question is, which one of you will be revealed as the murderer?!  Prepare your team for a thrilling night.

Action Treasure Hunt is a challenging activity that encourages teams to work quickly in order to find the buried treasure before the other teams! Co-operation is key for this activity as teams need to work together to solve puzzles and answer clues.  The winning team will receive a bottle of champagne so this will further motivate the teams!

We have a number of team building activities available in London that are both fun and educational for corporate groups.