Team Building - Manchester


There are plenty of reasons to go to Manchester. It’s a huge city with a lively atmosphere; there is always something going on in this exciting city.  A trendsetting musical capital, Manchester can offer you a thriving music scene is one of the city’s many venues.  Watch a thrilling Premiership football match or head to Deansgate, Manchester’s main shopping district, if you’re a shopaholic.  The buzzing atmosphere in Manchester is contagious and you will further lap up the vibrant atmosphere at the many restaurants and bars that this metropolitan city has to offer.

Besides from the above, Manchester is also a fantastic place to visit with your job.   Team building activities can be provided in Manchester for corporate groups.  Choose from indoor activities or outdoor, depending on your personal preference, and co-operate with your colleagues during one of our fun-filled team building activities.

Antarctic Challenge is an indoor activity that requires a lot of project planning.   This will enforce team work and co-operation; teams should come together to brain storm and formulate a successful plan.  Antarctic Challenge is a demanding team building activity based on a real expedition which adds further excitement to the exercise.  Enjoy this thrilling project planning experience of how to get to the South Pole and back whilst in Manchester.

For an action-packed outdoor team building activity, try our Treasure Hunt.  This unique experience will have you running against the clock as you solve cryptic puzzles, answer clues and work together to find the location of the buried treasure!  Treasure Hunt is a great team building activity that is both fun and beneficial for promoting team spirit.

Manchester is a city of opportunities: a place to study, learn and enjoy yourself.  Check out for more team building activities available in this vibrant city.