Action Treasure Hunt Description

ActionTreasureHuntWe have taken the concept of a traditional Treasure Hunt and turned this into a truly unique experience!
Format of the Action Treasure Hunt:
The Action Treasure Hunt is a race against the clock with the aim of being the quickest team to find the location of the Buried Treasure.

In order to achieve this aim, each team must answer clues and solve the puzzles. There is no set route to the Treasure Hunt but each team must work out their strategy and plan the most effective use of their time. Poor planning can lead to an inefficient route and the wasting of valuable minutes!

Teams will have the opportunity to gain additional points in a variety of entertaining team challenges and help can sometimes be found through the meeting of bizarre characters on the way! The team that has correctly revealed the numerical combination and has the highest number of points will be the winners.

Our Action Treasure Hunts include:
• Treasure Hunt Packs
• Photographic Missions
• Cryptex Puzzle
• Maps, Clues, Puzzles, Brainteasers
• Variety of interesting and exciting Challenges
• Bottle of Champagne for the Winning Team
• Event Staff