Antarctic Challenge

A demanding, realistic activity in complex project planning – nothing less than getting to the South Pole and back. Culminates in persuasive presentations to the sponsors. A great challenge based on a real expedition which lends great credibility and excitement to the exercise.

Teams start with just a letter congratulating them on mounting an expedition to the South Pole. The next step is brainstorming to draw up a shortlist of data required and to submit it as written requests to the Databank (controlled by the Trainer). The Databank opens only at intervals – which helps to focus team thinking. Requests at further openings are always more fruitful as teams gain more understanding of what the expedition entails.

Gradually plans are fleshed out: weather windows, dates, distances, speeds, getting to Antarctica, base camp, skidoos, sledges, food, kit lists, back-up plane, fuel dumps, etc … through to a completion date!

Finally, with the full plan and full costs in place, teams, in competition with each other, prepare persuasive presentations to deliver to their ‘potential sponsors’.

Suitable for groups of all sizes (Teams of 3-6)


Approx 3-4 hours​

Group Size:

Suitable for groups of all sizes (Teams of 3-6)


UK wide​- mobile


From £650- Depends upon group size & location

Business Benefits

• to brainstorm in order to decide what information is required 
• to break a project into bite-sized chunks
• to establish the key factors around which to base plans
• to plan within given limits such as cost, weight and weather
• to manage time and resources (especially fuel)
• to co-operate with others and work as a team (and maintain morale)
• to collect and interpret data and information
• to review progress regularly
• to make a persuasive presentation for funds

What Our Customers Have Said..

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you very much for last Friday. The feedback has been excellent from the team, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and have formed relationships with people that they had not really known before.….Thanks again and I hope we can work together again in the future.

Emma Bailey - Post Office Ltd