Eldorado is an Indoor team game with its theme taken from the mythical lost city of gold. Designed for large group sizes it can be played at your office premises or venue of your choice. 


Approx 1½-2 hrs​

Group Size:

From 10-250+


UK wide​- mobile we come to you!


Depends upon group size & location

How to Play

Competitive team game, race to solve clues, puzzles and tasks within a limited time. 

The ultimate objective is to find the location to the gold and the right key to open the Treasure Chest.  Its then a race back to the start – the team that makes it in the quickest time wins! 

This game has been designed for large group sizes of 10- 250+ and can be brought to your office premises or a venue of your choice.

Event management
We provide the game, Team host and facilitator(s) to assist play.

What Our Customers Have Said..

Just wanted to share we have received very positive feedback about the day yesterday. We are happy to provide a testimonial and thanks once again for making the day a huge success

Nicola Rowland- International Baccalaureate