PA System Hire

PA System Hire – Sound System Hire

Are you looking for a professional PA system hire for your Conference, Party or Event? We wont confuse you with technical jargon but will provide simple advice and instruction to easily set up yourself or we can do it for you.

Our PA systems come with portability in mind so they generally consist of one or two items that can be quickly set up and working within 5 minutes, making them ideal for conferences, speeches, presentations and even small parties or dance events.

Our hire packages come complete with microphones so the systems themselves don’t need any other external devices to work; they are completely plug and play.

Our JBL EON 610 speaker system 1000w speaker  Comes with deluxe padded leather cover for protection in transport. 

We have a range of quality brand equipment including:

  • Speakers & Stands
  • Wired & Wireless Microphones
  • Mixing Desk – used for remote control of sound

You can easily plug in your iPhone or Laptop directly into our Speaker Systems.