Casino Evening

Put on your best ball gowns and dinner suits, and with a fist full of “dollars,” you can gamble on red and lose it all without losing anything!

How skilled are you at Texas Hold ‘Em poker? Will playing roulette send you into a spin? Before rolling the dice at the Craps table, double down in the game of blackjack.

Our skilled croupiers are on hand to assist individuals who are unfamiliar with casino gaming; they will explain the regulations and even give you advice on how to beat the house! We all receive the same amount of “money” to gamble with…


3 hours

Group Size:





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The Event Format
Blackjack is a game where you compete with the dealer to obtain 21. Ask for more cards until your hand totals almost 21, but if you go over, you’re out.
Players compete in Texas Hold ‘Em Poker against one another. Don’t divulge any information while betting based on the strength of your hand. A large wager could indicate a strong hand… Or are you playing a bluff?
You play the house in the game of chance known as roulette. When a ball is dropped into a rotating wheel, it has a 37-pocket possibility. Choose red or black for a nearly equal chance, or bet everything on green for a 35x return.
Play “craps” by taking turns rolling two dice and placing bets on the results either against each other or the house.
What Our Customers Have Said..

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for a fantastic evening of family fortunes. All of the guests involved had a fantastic evening and the hosting of the evening was flawless throughout. The whole set up of the night looked professional and it ran smoothly with no ‘hiccups’.

We will keep Blue Ocean in mind for all future events of this nature and thank you again.
Yours aye,

Andy A J Wainscot RAMC| Capt | Physiotherapist | RCDM |