The Bank Job Description

The Bank Job is a team game, each team represent part of special division of the London Metropolitan Police. The team task is to apprehend a criminal gang who recently robbed a bank in London and got away with nearly £300,000. It is thought that the gang is holed up somewhere in the area and it is your job to find and catch them!

Suitable for:
All size groups (4-6 per team)

• Facilitator(s)
• Team Briefs
• Handouts.

Business Benefits

Sometimes you just wouldn’t know that people are working for the same organisation, so deeply ingrained is their desire to compete. And even if you decide to co-operate how do you convince others that you can be trusted and that you’ll reciprocate in terms of giving information and sharing costs? The Bank Job lets teams try for a win-win situation – and any team that doesn’t join in can expect a rough ride from the others!