The Generation Game

This is our homage to the top game show from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s! We bring back a few of The Generation Game’s strange and fantastic challenges. You will participate in absurd tasks during dinner, and each table will engage in a playful competition. You’ll be cracking up the entire time while participating in these outrageously ridiculous activities.

This is ideal entertainment over dinner for a fun group who are happy to let their hair down and want a truly memorable evening!


3 hours

Group Size:





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The Event Format
The Haka – After supper, members of our Haka tribe attack the room to execute “The Call” in ceremonial garb! The most potent rendition of your own Haka war cry wins once you are instructed on how to perform it.
Watch as our balloon modelling experts demonstrate their remarkable inflatable skills in this video. You now have the opportunity to construct the silliest balloon model you can. Extra points are awarded for creating bizarre designs using several balloons.
Seasonal Challenge – Based on the season, construct an edible Christmas gingerbread house, carve a beautiful pumpkin, or embellish a fantastic Easter egg…
What Our Customers Have Said..

Blue Ocean did a great job of facilitating a team activity for 60 of us. They struck a good balance between being challenging and having a sense of fun. Whilst many of our team are fit and up for physical challenges, some of were wary of the idea of outdoor activities – however, even those who had felt unsure were able to participate
fully as the activities were designed in an inclusive way.

Jane Burkitt- Supply Chain Planning Director PepsiCo International UK