Team Building Activities in London

Team building activities are crucial for building trust and relationships in the workplace and so a team building day out in London might be just the thing to inspire your workforce and boost morale.

Getting your team out and about for a corporate team building day in London is a tried and tested method to bring inclusivity to teams and get staff engaged. With plenty of fun activities to choose from, everyone can partake and make lasting memories of a great day out with colleagues. Aside from large corporate teams, small businesses who need to work closely together, can also benefit from enjoying fun team building activities in London.

London Team Building - Indoor Options

Motivate your team any time of year with our indoor team building activities in London. Our mobile indoor events service means Blue Ocean can head to the venue of your choice and help you host your team building event. Our desktop games will put your team to the test and have been carefully designed for corporate groups and will be delivered by our own professional facilitators. Suitable for groups of any size, our 3 most popular games include…


The Bank Job​

Antartic Challenge

Other indoor team building activities in London include Game Show Entertainment, Murder Mystery Events and Table Game Olympics, all of which provide the perfect tonic to get your team working together.

Outdoor Team Building Activities in London​

London is home to a huge range of great outdoor spaces for a team building event.

How about a team building London-based Action treasure hunt? Our all Action Treasure Hunt is a popular outdoor event for corporate days. Other outdoor events at Blue Ocean include our Enigma activity and our traditional Sports Day, so how about hosting your own London Olympics?

These are just a selection of our most popular team building options in London and we are currently updating our Outdoor activity list with a range of new activities for 2023.

Action Treasure Hunt​

Forest Challenge​


Planning Your London Team Building Day

London sounds great on paper as a destination for team building activities and it really is, with tonnes of options for the day, plus endless places to eat and drink after. However, getting something organised can be stressful which is where Blue Ocean activities can step in. We have a huge amount of experience in delivering successful London team building events.

Unusual Team Building Activities in London

Looking to create a memorable and action packed day for your team? More unusual team building activities in London are sure to resonate with the team and get them all excited about doing something different and out of the box. How about a bank robbery? Maybe some tabletop Olympics? Simply contact us today to learn more about Blue Ocean’s team building activities and how we can help unleash your team’s full potential.

By investing in your team day in London, you’ll not only improve productivity and morale, but also build a stronger and more cohesive team that can overcome any challenge.

London Team Building FAQs

What types of team building activities are available in London?

No matter the weather, it's always possible to have an amazing day of team building in London. Why not consider a combination of indoor and outdoor activities for an action packed day? Our London team can assist in crafting the ideal team away day for you. Additionally, being in the capital is perfect for an evening out after the activities with an abundance of bars, restaurants, and accommodation options nearby.

What are some fun activities for adults in London?

No matter what you envision for your team day in London, we are here to help. Some of our London indoor activities include desk games, game shows, and Murder Mystery events that are sure to provide great entertainment for adult groups of any size. Alternatively, London provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor urban adventures where groups can work together to tackle challenges.

How much does team building in London cost?

With a vast array of team building ideas in London, we offer the flexibility to create a day that fits your budget, regardless of whether you are a small team or a large corporate group. Simply reach out to us, and we can provide you with a custom quote for your desired day of London team building activities.


Can I book Christmas team building days in London?


December is a great month to book some end of year team building in London, why not tie it in with your Christmas party!

How long do team building events last?


The beauty of a custom built team building day is you can build it exactly as you see fit. You might not have the luxury of the team being allowed off site for more than a day, but equally you might want a wild Welsh night in Cardiff to get the team re-energised. Just let the Blue Ocean team know and we can accommodate.


How to plan your team building day in London​

  • To ensure a successful team building day in London, it’s crucial to first determine the goals and objectives of the event. Ask yourself if you are aiming to enhance communication, boost morale, or develop leadership skills. By clarifying these objectives, you can select appropriate activities that will ensure everyone benefits from the experience. 
  • Next, choose the right venue for your team building day. London boasts a range of venues, including indoor activity centres and scenic outdoor spots. Consider your group size, the type of activities you wish to undertake, and your budget when selecting a venue. Blue Ocean offers a mobile service and can bring our indoor games and outdoor event equipment to a venue of your choice. 
  • Create a schedule for the day and share it with your team beforehand. This should include the timing of the activities, breaks, meals, and any downtime. Also, take into account your team’s commuting needs. 
  • If your team is coming from outside London, you may need to arrange transportation and accommodation. Consider booking a hotel near the venue or arranging transport to get your team to the activities.

Why choose Blue Ocean Activities and Events to organise your team building in London? ​

Blue Ocean Activities provide a wide range of exciting and innovative team activities & entertainment in London for groups of all ages and abilities. Check out some of the feedback we have had from our corporate clients.