Team Building in Cardiff​

Team building activities are an important aspect of corporate culture and for smaller businesses.

Why? They help to get the workforce to know each other outside of a work environment and build camaraderie, and this positivity can then be taken back to the workplace. A corporate team building away day in Cardiff is just the thing to increase productivity and happiness in the workplace, with staff reflecting on the great time they had for months to come.

It also looks great to potential future employees that staff well being and team building are taken seriously within your organisation.

Indoor Team Building Activities in Cardiff ​

No matter what time of year it is, indoor team building in Cardiff will mean you can enjoy a full day’s action without needing to worry about the weather. Blue Ocean’s desktop games are mentally challenging indoor team building activities and are packed with business benefits. Designed for corporate groups and delivered by our own professional facilitators, these games are suited to groups of ANY SIZE. Our 3 most popular games include…


The Bank Job​

Antartic Challenge

Outdoor Team Building Activities in Cardiff ​

Why not head to the great Welsh outdoors and enjoy the ultimate team building day in Cardiff by taking on some of our outdoor activities. An all Action Treasure Hunt or a problem solving Forest Challenge might be right up your street, or perhaps our popular team event Enigma or even a traditional Sports Day are all great ways to get your team bonding. However, our cream of the crop, Cardiff team building highlight is Gorge Scrambling, which makes the most of our surroundings to get your team united!

These are just a selection of our most popular team building options in Cardiff and we are currently updating our Outdoor activity list with a range of new activities for 2023.

Action Treasure Hunt​

Forest Challenge​


Planning Team Building in Wales

But with so many options out there, it can be difficult to determine which team building activities are best suited to your team. However, Blue Ocean activities are here to help! Let’s explore some of the best team building activities for corporate teams in Cardiff.

Cardiff Team Building FAQs

What types of team building activities are available in Cardiff?

Whatever the weather or time of year, a great day of team building in Cardiff is possible. You might even want to combine indoor and outdoor activities into an action packed day. Just speak to our experts and we can help build the perfect team away day. Being located near to the Welsh capital is great for an evening out after too, with bars and restaurants aplenty and tonnes of accommodation nearby too.

What are some fun activities in Cardiff for adults?

Whatever you want your team day in Cardiff to look like, we can help. Indoor desk games, game shows and Murder Mystery events are great fun for adult groups of all sizes, while the beautiful Welsh surroundings lends itself to getting out and exploring in groups and tackling challenges that build collaboration and test creativity skills.

How much does team building in Cardiff cost?

As we offer such a huge range of team building ideas in Cardiff, you can create a day that suits your budget whether you are a small team or large corporate group. Simply drop us a line and we can put together a price for your day.

What are the benefits of a team building day?

A team building day in the Welsh capital is an awesome way to bring people together in a fun and engaging environment away from the stress of day to day work. Team activities can help teams build trust, communication, and problem-solving skills plus integrate newer team members.

How long do team building events last?


The beauty of a custom built team building day is you can build it exactly as you see fit. You might not have the luxury of the team being allowed off site for more than a day, but equally you might want a wild Welsh night in Cardiff to get the team re-energised. Just let the Blue Ocean team know and we can accommodate.


How to plan your team building day in Cardiff​​

Determine the goals and objectives: Before planning the team building day in Cardiff, it’s important to determine the objectives of the event. Are you looking to improve communication, boost morale, or develop leadership skills? This will help you choose the right activities and ensure that everyone gets the most out of the event.

Choose the right venue: Cardiff has a variety of venues to choose from for team building events, such as indoor activity centres and outdoor adventure parks. Consider the size of your group, the type of activities you want to do, and your budget when selecting a venue. We have a mobile service and can bring our indoor games to a venue of your choice, as well as many of our outdoor options.

Schedule the day: Create a schedule for the day and share this with your team ahead of coming to Cardiff. Consider the timing of the activities, as well as any breaks, meals, or downtime, plus factor in where your team is commuting from.

Getting to Cardiff:  If your team is coming from afar, you may need to arrange transportation and accommodation. Consider booking a hotel near the venue or arranging transport to get your team to the activities.

Why choose Blue Ocean Team Events to organise your team building in Cardiff?

Blue Ocean Team Events provide a wide range of exciting and innovative team activities & entertainment in Cardiff for groups of all ages and abilities. Check out some of the feedback we have had from our corporate clients.